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about me.

Hi Lovely, My name is Kat.

I am a self taught chef with passion and advocacy for plant food. I'm also a yoga teacher since 2016. Over the years I attended and organised many retreats both as a yoga student and teacher and I know what it takes to make one feel nurtured from the inside out. I take pride in using local and seasonal ingredients, creating recipes that are healthy, vibrant and full of flavour. At the table you will see a plant-based spread (vegetarian or vegan) that is not only sustainable for the earth but a joyous experience for you.


the menu.

Every menu is designed carefully, keeping seasonal produce in mind and working to make sure your guests are nurtured and happy. Prior to your retreat I ask for your guest’s allergies and intolerances to make sure these are accounted for.


I cooked all over Europe; Ibiza, Italy, Greece, France and the UK; Cornwall, Kent, Surrey and London.


food ideology.



When and where possible we use organic produce.



As much as possible we like to use freshly picked fruit, vegetables as well as edible flowers.



To reduce carbon footprint and keep it fresh.

2022_10_01_SlowLivingYogaRetreat_KatFOOD_HighRes-6610 2.JPEG


Everything is made on the day.


my promise.

I take immense pleasure in crafting honest and mindful cuisine. When I'm not utilizing ingredients I've gathered from foraging or harvested from a kitchen garden, I make it a priority to procure goods from nearby producers. My preference always lies with seasonal, local, and organic ingredients, as I believe it lays the foundation for truly exceptional meals.

I drive and shop for all the products myself to make sure the above criteria are met. Wherever we are; England, Europe or beyond you don’t need to worry about the food not being there on time. I spent 12 years in IT project management and you’ll see my organisation skills on the plate.

the team.

Depending on the size of your retreat I work with the team to create bountiful buffet style spreads, detailed individual plates, sharing style dishes, canapés and boards, whatever is your preference. No need to worry about shopping, setting the table or dishwashing, we’ve got this.


2022-05_CornwallRetreat-514 2.JPG

‘Kat was an integral part of my Italy retreat and her food absolutely wowed our guests. We all know what you eat can make or break a trip away and it was critical to get it right. Knowing Kat was in the kitchen preparing incredible seasonal, locally sourced meals made my life easier while running a busy retreat.’

Marcus Veda, retreat host, Italy 2022

‘I’ve just been on a 3 day break where Kat and her team provided all the food – wow! Every meal was so fresh, so tasty and so imaginative. Everyone in the group was treated to meals to suit their individual requirements and every plate was just delicious. I can’t recommend Kat more highly – looking forward to another break with you again soon!’

Julie, retreat guest, Norfolk 2023



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